About us

Welcome to Everett and Blue.  

Our Company specialises in artisanal and hand-painted Portuguese wall tiles that are inspired by the beautiful architecture of Lisbon and Porto, where endless patterns and murals adorn the facades of historical buildings and family houses alike.

In the old towns of Portugal’s bustling cities, the historical meets the modern, and the handcrafted meets the industrial. It’s this juxtaposition that inspired us to seek out the artisans that continue to make and paint these tiles in the traditional way, and to design patterns for modern interiors using traditional mural colours.

The Artists

Artists have been making and painting tiles by hand in Portugal for centuries, but the art is slowly disappearing as factories close and generations of tile artists lose their trade. We pride ourselves on helping to preserve this hand-craft in Portugal.

Having been made by hand, each tile has its own uniqueness and its own character, something we are proud of and treasure. This quality is the result of the long manufacturing process that generations of families have perfected over the years and which we value and hope to preserve.

The Process

Our tiles are made with a local clay, that is hand-cut into squares. These raw ‘biscuits’ are left to completely air-dry and once dried, they are fired in an oven that reaches temperatures of 1000°C, ready then to be glazed and painted. The painting can take a long time and requires very steady hands and precise brush-work. Finally, the biscuits are glazed and fired in the oven a second time and the finished tiles are then ready to be sent to their new home.

For photos of our inspiration, and the tile-making process, please see here